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Located in North Dublin, Balgriffin, Innisfails GAA Football Club is nearly as old as the GAA itself. Since its formation in 1886 this historic, resilient GAA club has flourished over 130 years, withstanding major world events such as The 1916 Rising and The Emergency in 1940. When necessary, the club has re-organised and modernised to ensure continued club success through the moving times.

A club for family generations, the grandsons of a founding member, Frank Caul, are still valued and active members now,, working hard to provide the same inclusive, welcoming, friendly atmosphere to new members of the Balgriffin GAA and wider community as is traditional in Innisfails GAA Club. 

Over the years, Innisfail's Gaelic football teams have been described as "happy", "tough", "brave", "sturdy", which all reflect the modern and diverse teams which don the Green and Black jerseys today.
There have been many meanings attached to the name 'Innisfails' over the years, from "Land of Destiny" to simply "Ireland" but all have one, simple ethos. Having fought hard to withhold it's place through history, this GAA football club is continuously striving to fulfill it's destiny as a competitive and supportive but welcoming and inclusive place for all children, families and members of the community.

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