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Club Constitution & Policies: Files

Innisfails GAA Club Policies
Code of Conduct - Supporters

Young Players are eager to enjoy and benefit from the support they receive from parents, guardians, friends and other members of the Club who attend our games as spectators and supporters. 

Active, loyal and well behaved supporters are always wecome to attend and support our games but should be aware that their conduct will reflect upon the team, players and Clubs that they support and represent.

Fellow supporters have a responsibility to ensure that all spectators conduct themselves in an acceptable and well behaved manner at all times, when attending our games and competitions.

Supporters should realise and consider that Young Players are encouraged to participate in Gaelic Games so that they may enjoy themselves while also improving their skills levels.

Supporters add to the enjoyment of our games by:

  • Applauding good performance and efforts from your Club’s players and from your opponents, regardless of the result.

  • Condemning the use of violence in any form, be it by fellow spectators, coaches, officials or players.

  • Encouraging players to participate according to the rules and the referees’ decisions.

  • Demonstrating appropriate behaviour by not using foul language or harassing players, coaches or officials.

  • Respecting the decisions of all officals.

  • Never ridiculing or scolding a player for making a mistake during games or competitions.

  • Showing respect to your Club’s opponents.  Without them there would be no games or competitions.

  • Upholding the principles of FAIR PLAY and RESPECT for all.

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