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Mad about Innisfails Wristbands

The best bands around!

We were so happy with the wristbands provided by Wristbands Ireland to mark the end of our juvenile GAA summer camp and our upcoming Gaelic Sunday commemorative event.

The customer service was outstanding from first contact to final delivery. From choosing the most suitable wristband type to the design, they were so accommodating, professional and helpful.

Our juvenile players love them and keep comparing them to each other's, even though they are all the same!

Kids are mad, but so are we; mad about Innisfails.

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Sam Vitals
Sam Vitals
Mar 22, 2023 The addition of the lanyard, in our opinion, will facilitate travel to the airport for those of our customers who require a little extra help.


Sam Vitals
Sam Vitals
Mar 15, 2023

Custom Printed Lanyards are a fantastic way to promote your company or organization.


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